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Model Railroad Photos Page

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These are photos I took of a layout by John Hill. It is an HO scale replica of the railyard, station and part of the tracks in the main part of Richmond, Quebec. All of the structures are scratchbuilt. You can see the real railyard and station on the Rail Photos Page. The scene is the late 50's to early 60's, with steam starting to be replaced by diesel. I had hoped to take better photos of his layout, since I have a better digital camera now, but he no longer has the layout. I will try to post some pics of my layout in Trainz Simulator 2012, which I use on my PC since summer 2012.

View from north This is a view from north of the main part of town, looking toward the station and railyard.
View from south This is a view looking north from just south of the roundhouse, which can be seen at left. The original roundhouse had 10 stalls, 3 of which were still standing when it was destroyed by fire around 1991 or 1992.
Station from north A partial view of the north end of the station.
Roundhouse and coaling station In the center left of this photo is the roundhouse, with the coaling station behind it at right.
North end of railyard The northern end of the railyard, looking toward the northwest. There is now a bridge that passes just in front of the school bus, to cross the St. Francis River (in real life).
Station and railyard An overall view of the station and 10-track railyard. You can see how accurately it is modelled after the real station here.
Station from southeast This is the view from southeast of the station looking northwest, showing the station and railyard, as well as part of the roundhouse at left center.
Hidden railyard This is a hidden storage railyard. The main line goes through a tunnel at its south end, then turns north behind the wall and becomes part of this railyard. Here trains can be assembled, passing through the tunnel and emerging at the south end of town, appearing to come from far away. The shot is facing north.
Hidden railyard This is the same hidden railyard, this time looking south from the north end.

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