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Miscellaneous (and Unsorted) Links Page

This page contains links to pages which either are not categorized yet (category may not exist yet), or are too eclectic to fit into any one category. Also listed are pages that are unique, and deserve to be listed separately. Some pages may show up here temporarily, then move to another page. So, if you see a link you want to check out later, and it is not there the next time you come, just check out the appropriate category to find it again. Some may find their way to my Weird and Wacky Links or to another future page of Cool Stuff, so keep an eye out there, too. If you have an interesting link for me to add, just e-mail me and I'll check it out. Happy surfing!

Last Update: Saturday, June 28, 2008 - 4:20 PM

Unique - Miscellaneous

This section contains links to sites which are out of the ordinary and deserve a look because of their uniqueness. This is not to say that the other sites are not special, too!

Bob's Rainbow of Favorites: This site has many pages--I didn't count them, but there are a lot--in many categories. The one that interested me right away was the the one on TV Classics. All in all a very colourful site.
Gary's Home Page: 100+ Pages on: Storm chasers and pictures of lightning, fire fighters, dinosaurs, lighthouses, model railroading, volcanoes, personal home pages, etc....
GE Aircraft Engines: Engines 101: Learn all about how jet engines work, what type of planes use GE engines, and even build an engine section by section on this site.
John P. Caplinger's Web Site: Different! From science fiction to the sciences, and touching on controversial subjects like nuclear power and waste disposal. Under construction -- but growing bit by bit.
The World Famous Ultimate Taxi: This, you have GOT to see!! This guy has equipped a Checker cab with a 900 watt Alpine sound system, Yamaha digital drums, keyboard, light show (including 9 lasers), digital camera, photo printer, laptop, cellular phones, fog-effects--and a wireless internet connection to his website!! You can see pics of some famous passengers, and tour his cab--unreal!!


Most of these links will be sorted as I add categories. Check back often, since new stuff will often appear here first!

Adam and Pam's Home Page: Lots of links to Police and Fire resources.
The Airchive: The Webseum of Commercial Aviation
Around The World In 80 Clicks: A tour of 80 of the world's live webcams. Very Interesting tour!!
Cassini: Voyage to Saturn: The NASA site devoted to the Cassini space probe destined for Saturn.
David Lawrence Dewey's Homepage: Author and columnist - with many subjects and links, including recipes.
Encyclopedia Titanica: Titanic Research, Passenger and Crew Biographies, Pictures, Titanic Articles.
A game from Stairwell Studios - It's Stare Down Sally!: Outstare your monitor!
Hale-Bopp is Coming!: Although Hale-Bopp is no longer visible in the northern hemisphere, there are still lots of good links to info on the comet, as well as astronomy, UFOs and scientific research, among others.
The High-Rise Pages: All about the world's tallest buildings, towers, monuments, etc.
The Internet License Plate Gallery: See personalized license plates of people who definitely use the computer and the internet, like "IMG SRC", for example.
Jaclyn's World: Even Bert, the family cat, has his own page!
Louvre W3: Partial Tour of the Louvre in Paris.
McDonald Observatory (University of Texas)
MeteoriteCentral: All kinds of information on meteorites, and also on the comet Hale-Bopp. Photos, including some from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
New York City Police Department
The Nine Planets: A multimedia tour of the solar system.
PEZ Candy Inc: The official website of the company that makes those little candies in those dispensers that everyone is collecting. I remember having a PEZ Casper the Ghost dispenser when I was a kid - many years ago (I was born in 1948 - if that gives you any idea how long ago I mean!)
PEZ Central
Potat-O-Lantern: Shows what happens when you shoot a Jack-O-Lantern with a potato gun. Other pranks, also. Kinda makes you wonder about these guys, huh?
RCMP: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
A Sightseer's Guide to Engineering: A guide to some of the engineering marvels around the U.S.A.
TerraServer: Images of Earth from space. See objects like the shuttle launch pads at Kennedy Space Center in detail from space. Or click your way through maps until you find a particular place on earth, and see it in detail.
This to That (Glue Advice): Choose 2 materials that you wish to join, and find out what adhesive to use to do the job.
Tommy's List of Live Cams Worldwide #1: A list of live cams on the web
TopoZone - The Web's Topographic Map
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Find out the truth about those so-called true stories and scams.
The Why Files: The science behind the news.
Wieliczka, Poland - Salt mine: Pictures of the underground cathedral in the salt mines.
y'all: "The Webzine of the South". Sections with humor, chat, bulletin boards, and more.

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