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Links to Kids' Sites

Here you will find links to sites for kids. Some are by kids, some are by companies or educators. But all are safe sites for kids, as I have checked them out before adding them here.

Last Update: Saturday, October 11, 2014 - 11:47 AM

Aesop's Fables - Online Collection - 655+ fables
A. Pintura: Art Detective
Archie Comics - The Official Archie Comics Web Site
Astronomy for Kids: Check out sections like: The Planets, Puzzles, Sky Facts, Star Links, Sky Maps, Postcards.
BAGHEERA - A Website For Our Endangered Species Kids: the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation site for kids, with games, contests, resources, etc.
Crayola Arts & Crafts
Cyberkids - Where Creative Kids Click: This site has sections for: Art, Contests, Games, Kidzeen, Launchpad, Multimedia, Music, B-Board, Chat, Keypals. You can even submit your own work to be published in KidZeen.
Cyber Tiger: A part of the National Geographic site, where you are the zookeeper and have to take care of a tiger.
Download-a-Dinosaur: You can print out dinosaurs from this site to cut out, colour, and assemble for 3D dinosaurs--like origami.
Draw and Color with Uncle Fred: Step by step instructions to draw such things as a kitty, puppy, penguin, chef, chimpanzee and much more!
Extreme Science
FamilyFun: Activities-Crafts: All kinds of activities and crafts for the whole family.
FUNBRAIN: Educational, Interactive Kids Games for Learning: The games are divided into age groups: 6 & Under; 7-10; 11-14; and 15 & Up. And the games include: Math Baseball; Oddball; Piano Player; Grammar Gorillas, and lots more!
Games Kids Play: Rules for kids games
How Stuff Works: Find out how engines, clocks, smoke detectors, refrigerators and many other things work.
How To Love Your Dog
Infrared Zoo Gallery: By viewing animals with a thermal infrared camera, we can actually "see" the differences between warm and cold-blooded animals.
KidsCom: Play Smart, Stay Safe and Have Fun!
Kids' Game House | Fun & Free Games & Jokes 4 Kids!: This is a fun site for kids to play games and get a laugh out of some jokes!
The Kids on the Web: There are links here for Fun Stuff, Pen Pals, Homework Tools, Children's Books & Stories, and Things for Teens. You could spend days exploring all these links.
KIDS STUFF with Magical Balloon-dude Dale: Balloon Twisting for Kids (making animals and other stuff with balloons)
Kid'z Korner
KinderArt - The Art Kitchen: There are directions on this website for making Baking Clay, Candy Clay, Colored Glue, Finger Licking Finger Paint, Make It Yourself Chalk, Painted Sand, Seal Gum (for stickers), Silly Putty, and lots more!
KinderArt - Recycled Art - Art on a Shoestring: Arts and crafts for kids of all ages - using discarded household items, etc.
Make a Pop Rocket: How to make a rocket out of paper, propelled by fizzing antacid tablets (like Alka-Seltzer).
Make a whale mobile: 4 different types of whales that you can print out, cut out and use to make a mobile. Also, many other crafts at this site.
Making Friends and Other Crafts for Kids
Miniature Donkeys - All You Need To Know About Donkeys!
Mister Roger's Neighborhood Home Page
MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries: Magic Tricks
The New York Times Learning Network: For grades 6-12. A free service for students in grades 6-12, their teachers and parents. The site is updated daily, and offers a wealth of educational resources and activities, including a daily news quiz, lesson plan archive, monthly crossword puzzles, and a selective archive of historic articles.
Otternet Kidz Zone - Your source for otter fun, fact, and faces.: Learn all about otter species, habitat, etc., as well as some games, contests and links.
Peace Corps Kids World: Designed for Middle School and Elementary School students.
Sandlot Science: Interactive illusions and more.
Special Agent Undercover: Your job is to create a disguise for Special Agent Bobby Bureau, so he won't blow his cover.
Spiders of NW Europe: Hundreds of photos of European spiders, as well as some of Australian spiders.
Sports Illustrated For Kids: news, games, e-cards, fantasy sports, etc.
Surfing the Net with Kids: Geography & Social Studies. - secret messages for kids only!: "Plus jokes games spy trivia email learning." Go to this site, type in a message, and click on "scramble". Then you can send it to someone else, who just has to go to this site, paste in the message, and hit "unscramble" to see the message.
Tic-Tac-Toe: Play the game online against the computer. You can choose the size of the grid (not just 3x3), who has X or O, and who goes first.
Wacky Web Tales: Choose one of the tales to create your own funny story.
Weather Dude: The weather page especially for kids, parents and teachers from Nick Walker of The Weather Channel.
Web Word Find Puzzles: Play hidden word games here.
Whale Myths: Also other subjects
Your Weight On Other Worlds: Find out how much you would weigh on other planets. Just enter your weight, then look further down the page for the results for each planet, etc.

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