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Links To Some Automotive Sites

Here are just a few of the automotive-related sites on the net. Included are 4x4, motorcycle, RV, and truck sites, as well as anything else that fits in this category. Be sure to check out the new Automotive Photos Page, which is now up and running. I chose the background for this page to simulate the wall of a garage--at least the way they used to look years ago.

Last Update: Friday, September 19, 2014 - 12:17 PM

Miscellaneous Automotive Sites

Andy's Car Corner
Auto Hobby Page: Nothing but car photos, in many categories.
The BumpStop - Lowriders, Sport Trucks, Classics, Customs, & more!
Car And Driver Online
The Car Connection [The Web's Automotive Authority] Car Reviews, Car Parts and Car Audio Reviews
Cars in Barns - Rotting American Muscle: "Cars in barns, driveways, fields and in front yards, that can't be bought and are just rotting away in the dirt...and the owners are gonna restore them someday...yeah, right..."
Car Talk
Concept car page: photos of concept cars by just about any car manufacturer you could name. MP3s of car and motorcycle engine sounds, as well as some pix.
The Great Auto Race of 1908: A site devoted to this historic race from New York to Paris - crossing the U.S. and the Bering Strait on the frozen ice, and then across Asia and Europe, ending in Paris.
Jalopnik: A site with all kinds of news about cars. I found an article about one of Jay Leno's cars with a link to a whole lot of stories about him and his vehicles.
Joe Farace Shoots Cars: Joe Farace is a photographer who specializes in automotive racing photos, etc.
Kit Car Building: the site for the kit car enthusiast.
Leilani Munter: The official website of this NASCAR driver.
The Official Formula 1 Website
Official Site of International Speedway Corporation: covers tracks such as: Darlington Raceway, Daytona International Speedway, Talladega Superspeedway, Watkins Glen International and many others. The #1 OffRoad Motorsports Site. 4x4, ATV, Dirtbike
ProfessionalCar.Org: Dedicated to the preservation and restauration of: ambulances, hearses, limos, etc. With some interesting historical information.
Road & Track Online
Roadsters: Just about everything to do with cars and racing can be found here.
Speednation: Automotive Performance Pages for Honda, Mazda, VW, Nissan, Toyota: The NO HYPE Automotive Performance Web Site Strange and/or funny pics related to cars, etc.
Trey's Sports Cars
The Truth About Cars
The United Sidecar Association
World Wide Wheels Classifieds of New Autos, Used Cars and Automobiles Dealer Directory

Automotive Sites By Make

A-Bodies - Plymouth/Chrysler Valiant varieties: "This site is dedicated to the Plymouth Valiant, Chrysler Valiant series (including the Valiant Charger, Pacer, etc.), and variants such as the Dodge Dart, Demon, Twister, Scamp, early Barracuda, Ute, Coronado, 3700 GT, etc."
The DeLorean Mailing List & DMC-News, the 'zine Enthusiast Website!
Ford Truck Enthusiasts: covers pickup trucks, vans and SUVs
Volkswagen of America

Antique and Classic Car and Truck sites

American Truck Historical Society
Antique Automobile Club of America
Divco Club: Devoted to these forerunners to today's StepVans (delivery vans used for milk, bread, etc.)
Duesenberg Car Pics: Photos of models from 1925-33
Hemmings Motor News: classic cars, used cars, car parts, classified and more.
Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village
Horseless Carriage Foundation Inc.: "The Horseless Carriage Foundation, Inc. (HCFI) was established in 1985 to make automobile research and restoration information readily available to hobbyists, restorers, and scholars world wide."
Lone Star Model A Ford Club
MG Cars Enthusiasts' Club
The Old Car Manual Project: An online collection of scanned manuals, brochures, etc., dedicated to very old to not quite so old cars. Includes cars up to the late 70s but with a lot from the 50s and 60s.
The Packard Motor Car Foundation
Pierce-Arrow Society
Tucker Automobile Pages

Truck sites

ATB Engineering - Tow Truck Manufacturing - Built in Australia: Some interesting designs to be seen here.
BIGFOOT4x4, Inc.
Canadian Towing Equipment: Although this is a commercial website, there is a photo gallery and other items of interest for truck enthusiasts.
SGT Transport: I have been told that some people call them the "Silly Green Trucks" LOL

Miscellaneous Vehicles

American Motorcyclist Association
National Tractor Pullers Association
U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association

Automotive Photos Page

The Automotive Photos Page is finally up and running. Some classic cars only for now, but there will also be some antique cars added later.


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