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Weird and Wacky Links Page

This page contains links to some weird and wacky sites I have run across, or have been referred to by others. Some of them are even useful, too. I hope to add more links shortly. If you have an interesting link for me to add, just e-mail me and I'll check it out.

Last Update: Saturday, June 28, 2008 - 5:29 PM

404 Research Lab: A source for links to some very imaginitive and some very weird 404 Not Found pages out in cyberspace.
Bozo Criminal of the Day: "The story you are about to hear is true. The names may have been changed to protect the stupid..." Another dumb criminal site.
The Dialectizer: Use this page to translate any input text or a webpage into a dialect. You can choose dialects such as: Pig Latin, Redneck, Elmer Fudd, Jive, Cockney, or even Swedish Chef!
Do not go on: This page tells you that you have made a mistake, and not to click to go on. But if you do click, you are taken to another page that again says not to click there, along with other things to check out (links) along the way. If you click the right links, you eventually get to the conclusion...along with a prize. It does take a while to go through to the end, though, so be patient!
Duct Tape: HMO on a Roll: Seems strange, but many medical uses for humans and animals shown here, with submissions from satisfied users.
The Duel: This you have GOT to see!! Picture the "Dueling Banjos" bit from "Deliverance", complete with a canoe (with a surprise guest) coming down the river. Now throw in the "Dukes of Hazzard" in the General Lee and some pigs, and a hilarious ending!
Dumpster World: a source for information on stuff found in dumpsters as well as stuff found and for sale/swap, and anything to do with "dumpster diving".
Free Online Pregnancy Test: Find out if you are pregnant, and if it is a boy or a girl. Then you can see who the father is, and more.
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with a clothes iron: the Benny & Joon way
Ian's Shoelace Site: Everything you need to know (or don't) about shoelaces and tying them, including the fastest and easiest knot, etc. (Could be subtitled "Shoelacing for Dummies" LOL)
The Illustrated Guide To Breaking Your Computer: Or, how to take out your frustrations on an old computer or two.
Lost In Translation: No, it's not about the movie. What happens when an English phrase is translated (by computer) back and forth between 5 different languages? The result can be very strange, and even funny. Input a phrase or quote or whatever, and see what happens to it.
Mark's Apology Note Generator
No Pants Day
Official Office Olympics Page: Stuff like stapler handling, paper planing, office acrobatics and more!
Parking Spots: Photos of toy cars, etc. held in front of or over photos of parking spots or roads, etc. to look like they are real and belong there. There is a whole gallery of photos, and you can submit your own. You have to see this site to understand what I mean. Hmmm.
Playcow: Check out the Playcow of the Jenny McCowthy or Pamoola Anderson.
Sea Monkey Worship Page: If you have seen the ads for Sea Monkeys on the back or inside of comic books, etc., then you know what this site is all about.
Simply Fired | If You Don't Laugh, You'll Cry: A site with stories about how and why some people get fired, some for silly or outrageous reasons, mostly told with a sense of humour by the ones fired. This site is an offshoot of Simply Hired, a job-search site.
The Traffic Cone Preservation Society
The Ultimate List Of Stupid Names: Some of these are priceless. I am not sure if some are real or made up, but it is a fun list anyway.
Very Strange Things On The Web: Part of the Internet Tourbus site.
When Good Toilets....Go BAD!: A collection of news articles about what happens when people and toilets don't get along. Also, when good toilets do bad things, when well-meaning toilet owners get out of hand, bathroom products that should have never left the inventor's garage, an Award your website can win, and much, much more!
Yellow Snow from Panlogic:Write your name in the snow. If you are a guy, no explanation is necessary.

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